SexCoffee is a hard rock band from Providence, RI that is best served live, loud, and hot! The band name was established in 2007 by singer, Ruth Charbonneau and bassist, Sharlene DeNardo, after rising from the ashes of all-girl indie rock band 5FOX4. SexCoffee has evolved over their 15+ year span, stretching from the garage rock tone of their first full length album The Drink You Paid For, to their most recent hard rock EP Devilish Kiss.

After the release of their Crossover Funk Rock EP, The Morning After in 2009, SEXCoffee took a five year hiatus and returned with a brand new EP called Nothing Personal. Released in September 2014, Nothing Personal featured a monstrous hard-driving rhythm section powered by Nick Iddon on drums and Sharlene DeNardo on bass. Robert Dumont brought an array of dynamic rock guitar tones reminiscent of David Gilmour and Slash.  Nothing Personal won Best Rock Album and Ruth won Best Female Vocals at the 2015 Providence Motif Music Awards.

In January 2017, Al Diaz replaced Nick Iddon on Drums and Nick went on to tour with bands such as the Quahogs, and Ravi Shavi. For the next few years SEXCoffee released 3 singles, Friend Like You, Sit on My Face, and Rest In Peace, followed by EP Devilish Kiss which won Favorite Album in 2022.

At the end of 2022, guitarist Robert Dumont was replaced by Phil Martelly and the band is currently gigging in New England and looking forward to writing new music together.


noun,  often attributive [ˈseks\ˈko-fē, ‘seX\’cough-Eee].
Definition of SEXCoffee: Using coffee as a subtle innuendo for a romantic invitation into your home.