Alvaro Diaz has been playing drums for 24 years. He had his first start playing in the bands GTA and Proper Logic. In 2004 he took on the role of frontman for Providence rock band Kanerko and performed with them in the US and overseas until the band broke up in 2012. Al returned to drumming and co-founded pop rock band The Dust Ruffles in 2014 with singer-songwriter Tammy Laforest. Sharlene DeNardo and Robert Dumont joined soon after and the Dust Ruffles gigged and toured actively for two years before taking a 2 year hiatus and returning as a trio. During the break he joined Providence hard rock band Pistol Shot Gypsy. In December 2016 he added SEXCoffee and Consuelo’s Revenge to his drum résumé and is actively performing in SexCoffee, Dust Ruffles, and Consuelo’s.

Al lives outside Providence and is heavily involved in the local music scene. Besides playing drums, Al can be found performing solo on acoustic guitar as a singer-songwriter at various open mic nights such as The Parlour, NewsCafe, and Pub on Park in Cranston.

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